Our new house

Many of you have asked for pictures of the inside of our new house and we will comply with that request in time. I can guarantee you will be seeing lots of pictures, before and afters, DIY, and handyman stuff on our blog over the coming months. This month, however, I want to talk about what this house means to Cory and I.

It’s been since May 15 that I have truly felt at home. I have “settled in” and gotten used to the idea of living so far from my family. I’ve learned to drive to work without my GPS. I even managed to make it to church once with our getting lost! BUT through all that I’ve still felt like I was in a time of transition. I’ve been living out of half-packed boxes and a drawer underneath my bed for almost 3 months now. There hasn’t been time where all of my earthly possessions have resided under the same roof as me.

So, this house means home. It means a place that Cory and I can mold and shape to be perfect for us as a young couple. It means that all of my wardrobe will be accessible. It means that Rory will have his own territory to explore. It means that I’ll be able to cook what I want. It means that Cory can practice his fiddle (I am so excited to hear him play again). It means that we will have room for people to come visit.

It also means work and growth. Cory and I are going to have to learn quickly how to make grass grow in Texas. We have to learn what is necessary for survival (i.e. shower curtains) and what is more of a wish or want. We will have to learn what to do when the sink leaks and the electric malfunctions. Cory has already figured out how to re-key the locks.

It also means joy and hope. Cory and I will laugh and cry a lot in our first house. We will share the best and worst of my residency and his PhD. We will see the Rio olympics and the 2016 election in this house. We will miss things back home while making many memories here in Texas.

This house isn’t quite home yet, but it soon will be. We have prayed so hard for this house and we couldn’t be more excited and nervous to see how God works through it and us in the coming years.

That’s it for now,



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