Finally, some wedding pictures

Hey readers! I haven’t posted in a very long time and this post was actually planned for June 27th (AKA our first anniversary). I needed to commandeer Cory’s computer and that took me a while. You see, I’m about to post our beautiful wedding pictures!!!

First, you will have to endure some well deserved (and slightly late) shout-outs from me to all those people who made our wedding special.

To our photographer, Krista Campione: thank you so much for your wonderful pictures. (if you view this blog you can comment your business info). Also to my sister-in-law, Sammi, for second shooting our wedding.

To my wonderful friends, David and Lindsey Burner: You guys made the very best stationary a girl could ask for! Check out the salamander above, folks. They designed it!

To our wedding coordinator, Diane Pearson: I definitely could not have done this without you. Seriously.

To my family: thanks for catering my wedding, and cleaning up the ceremony site we didn’t get to use, and just being you guys, and keeping me sane. You all rock!

To the Petersons, Gillmeisters, Chapmans, and Debbie Tucker: for serving food and keeping my mom sane.

To my very dear friends: Thank you all for being with Cory and I through this process. You all shaped who we are. We love you all for that. Also, thanks for cleaning up our mess for us!

Ok, who’s ready for the big reveal? I won’t make you wait any longer. I hope none of you have held your breath for a year and 3 weeks 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s it for now,



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