Our current life

I sit here typing to you all at 5:41 am CDT in the dark and relative quite of our apartment. I’ve been up for about an hour trying to get ready while not disturbing Cory. You see, we are currently in a (very) small studio apartment where any light and activity can be seen at any other point in the apartment. I’ve been doing ok being quiet so far, but something happens every morning that I know will disturb his sleep i.e. Rory coming in and out of the bathroom, my computer crashing to the ground, hair dryer, tripping in the dark, etc.

Why am I up so early? Good question. I’ll leave my house in San Marcos promptly at 6 so I can be at the hospital by 8. Actually, I usually get there around 7. The problem is the horrendous traffic here. (I know, I know, it’s way worse in Houston. Or so I’ve been told). If I leave any later, my 1 hour commute will turn into a 1.5 hour commute and I will be late. Thankfully, they feed me breakfast then I will start a day of orientation.

I have met the faculty, my fellow interns, and most of the upper-levels. We did a high rope course. We’ve sown pigs feet. The rumor is today that we will sow cow tongue. We’ve learned computer programs and the rules of residency. We’ve taken a PALS course. Basically, it’s been a great first week of orientation.

While I’m doing all that, Cory gets to work plating samples in his lab. He works very hard and it is very time-consuming. He will be headed to a conference at the beginning of July to present his work. He still needs to analyze the data and make a poster.

We get home at about the same time (after another long commute) I make dinner and he cleans the apartment and packs for our move to a different apartment on June 30. Usually, Rory gets a long walk at this point. On Sunday, he got to go to campus and run around. We walked home in the semi-dark and there were cockroaches everywhere (easily my least favorite part of Texas so far). Then it’s off to bed early so we can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

While I’m sure Cory dislikes my early morning wake-up call, we couldn’t be more thankful for where we are right now. After many long months over 18 hrs apart, just being together makes everything worth it!

That’s it for now,


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