Guys, my family came to Texas last week! I am beyond excited! Mostly, they came to help me move my stuff down here, but then they stayed for a whole week! We have tons of pictures from the trip, but not very many of them belong to me. Keep checking back for those, I’ll add them as they get sent my way. Here is a breakdown of the week:

Saturday- my family left WV to head our way and I annoyed Cory to death by talking about it all day. They made it to about an hour east of Dallas.

Sunday- my younger brother and one of my sisters flew into San Antonio. By the time we had picked Cory up from church, the rest of the family had made it here. We unloaded the uhaul, then decided to head into San Antonio to see the Alamo. This was mistake number 1 of the trip. My mom has terrible post-concussive syndrome, it was Memorial Day weekend, and there was an arts festival. Oh, and they hadn’t eaten all day. All of these things combined led to high tempers and short patience. But, we saw the Alamo! It ended up raining.image

Monday- we drove 4 hours round trip to see a big rock. Enchanted Rock to be exact. I think Cory and I have talked about that before, but in case you missed it, here is a good link to give you and idea about what it is. This was maybe my favorite part of the entire vacation for 2 reasons. Reason 1: I love Enchanted Rock! I think it is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen in Texas. Reason 2: my family was stuck in the car for 4 hours with limited cell phone service, so we joked and laughed the entire time. When we got back, there was still time to go to the outlet malls. I think that was my mom’s favorite part of the trip and my dad’s least favorite. Oh, and it rained hard that night.

Tuesday- Sea world San Antonio! And rain, lots of rain. We made it and rode all of the coasters. We saw all the educational shows, but the more entertaining shows got rained out. Dad got everyone fun passes, so if they ever come back, we can catch the shows again (thanks dad!)

Wednesday- Cory and I had our home inspection in the morning, and the forecast called for rain all day. Mom, dad, and my brother came with us to the investigation. Here is “uh-oh” number 2. Our home inspection uncovered a lot more problems than Cory and I had expected. It also took a lot longer. It ended up being a great day so the sisters headed to Schlitterbahn during the inspection. We joined them there afterwards, but with a lot more on our minds than lazy rivers and roller coaster water slides. After we left, the siblings got their first Buc-ees experience. And then it rained.image

Thursday- we had planned to float the San Marcos river. We met my family at Aquerena Springs where the river comes up out of the ground and then headed to the lions club for tubes. Unfortunately, due to the unusual amount of rain that week, they had closed the rentals. It turned out being a blessing because it rained again and we had some houses to look at. Our poor realtor! Imagine all the Thack-herd pouring out of one vehicle into a show house! He was so overwhelmed.image

Friday- this was another unplanned day. We ended up at the outlets. We had lunch with one of dad’s cousins who lives in San Antonio (he has about a hundred cousins, one was bound to live close by). Then outlets again and just some wonderful family time.

Saturday- my family left for WV. I wasn’t nearly as devastated as I thought I would be. Yes, I will miss them. Yes, I cried. I realized while they were here that my family is precious to me. The time we got to spend together made me so happy, but my place is here with Cory. God has clearly called us to central Texas. He has guided each step of our journey so precisely. He knows what he is doing.image

Cory and I are still in option on the house, but we would appreciate prayers from you all for wisdom in this first, huge, very adult decision. We have to believe that God has a plan for this newest obstacle as well.

That’s for now,

Beth Goff

P.S. For my friends from back east, do any of these things sound fun for your trip to visit us? For our Texas readers, did we miss anything we should’ve shown the family? Cory and I want to be good tour guides when we have friends and family here.

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