A Work in Progress

This week’s post is going to be short and sweet, well at least shorter and sweeter than our recent trip to Lowe’s. You see, we were trying to figure out what do do one night last week when my eyes fell on this rather ugly table Cory got at a yard sale.


The thought struck me that the table would look good in a sage green for our living room. Cory liked the idea and off we went to Lowe’s. The only problem is, we had different definitions of “sage green”. To him, it meant a darker, almost forestry color (not super dark like forest green, but on the darker side) To me, it meant a very light mint with some grey tones. Those are not the same color at all!

After nearly an hour (only about 20min) of debating in the paint aisle, we had finally chosen two colors in the same pallet. At that point, we thought a trip to see the spray paints was warranted. Low and behold, we could’ve saved ourselves some time and heartache had we simply started there! The only green that was even remotely “sage” fell directly between the colors Cory and I liked (I had first mentioned we should start in the spray paint isle, but as we were looking, a worker directed us to the paint chips for “more options”…aka, a bad idea)

Proud new owners of our perfect compromise green color we headed home with sandpaper in hand. We were supposed to wait to paint the table until we were in our new house, but the next day, the need to craft came over me so strongly I just couldn’t resist. Without further ado, here is the table now!


There are a couple more small things we would like to do, like apply a wood embellishment we very easily picked out at Lowe’s and paint it the same green and apply it to the side to give the table some character. We also would like to find a nice lamp to go on top, but for now, we are satisfied!

That’s it for now,

Beth and Cory

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