Old cars and movie stars

Just kidding, we didn’t meet any movie stars. We did see some pretty nifty old cars on our first official date in Texas though! I’ll definitely let Cory do all the car explainin’ since I picked my favorite based on color (which according to Cory must be pronounced “cull-er”). It is NOT pronounced the same as “collar.”

So here’s how it goes. Cory and I have always had a weekly “date night” in our relationship. I mean, we hung out all through the week, but for one night neither of us would study or do school related stuff so we could really focus on each other. You also had to show up with a plan. There was no “So what do you want to do?” on our date nights. To make it completely fair, we also alternated who planned and paid for the dates (though the paying is not so much an issue anymore). This worked out for us super well! We have done all kinds of different out of the box things. I secretly still have a few good ones up my sleeve 😉

So how did we end up at a car show on Saturday? Well, I was browsing the Texas State Parks website (which really is phenomenal) in anticipation of my parent’s coming to see us here soon. I happened to click on Blanco State Park, and right there at the top was an announcement about their annual car show! Cory loves old cars and had been trying to take me to a car show for a while. I immediately knew this needed to be our first date in Texas! I considered surprising Cory, but seeing as how I have no clue how to get around in Texas, I needed him to get us there. The surprise went out the window, bummer.

Going to a car show really was a good date idea! I do love old cars and trucks, mostly because my dad does and taught me almost everything I know on how to identify different makes, models, and years based on the shape of the tail lights, whether there are side reflectors, number of headlights, etc. It has always been something I enjoyed doing with my dad, and my family in general, on weekends back home. This was a pretty great car show. It was bigger than most of the shows I had been to back home and, since it is a brand new area for me, many new and different cars I had never seen. Beth allowed me to ooh, awe, and drool over them as we walked around. I picked my favorites based on rarity and restored quality, whereas Beth did pick hers based on color or resemblance to the car from Chitty-chitty Bang-bang. We did both agree that we liked the little red Volkswagon Karmann Ghia. 🙂 Pictures to follow below…

Afterward, we were pretty hungry and decided to drive into Wimberly, a nearby, quaint, tourist-trap of a town. We happened to catch the annual crawfish boil! We were really excited. Here is the part where I ask you not to judge us. Neither Cory or I were entirely sure how to break down a crawfish, so we got the shrimp instead. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! We followed it with some pretty great ice cream too.

I guess that’s the breakdown of our first big date. In other news, we are in escrow on a house!! Please continue to pray for that! We may chronicle our house issues here at a later date, but suffice it to say that it has been a journey.

That’s it for now,

Beth and Cory

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