Road Trip Adventures

Yikes! It’s been over 2 weeks since we posted a blog. I sincerely apologize. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote!

Well, I’ll start with the fact that I graduated. That’s right, call me Dr. Goff. Actually, don’t do that, it’s weird. And for future reference: don’t take anything I say on this blog as medical advice. Please see your primary care physician if you have any concerns. That is the end of this public service announcement.

Next, we said a lot of goodbyes and had very little time and Internet. At this point I need to sincerely thank everyone who took time out of there busy schedules to make mine and Cory’s last week in The Virginias very special. You will be getting thank you notes in the mail once we get the thank you notes to Texas (I made cute ones with our salamander on them) and dig them out and write them and mail them (basically, it could be a while). We truly have the best friends and family around.

Finally, we road tripped it to Texas. 2 days. 20 total drive hours. 1 night in a tent. If you follow me or Cory on Facebook or Instagram you have seen a few of our adventures. (Side note: my Instagram account is lizbethgrace_. I post lots of Rory pictures if that sounds interesting to you.)

Here is a short trip breakdown. We started Saturday night by going to my parent’s to say goodbye. We were surprised with a bonfire (again with the amazing people in our life). We left there at 6:30 am Friday morning, we were in Kentucky for 6 hours and Arkansas for about 6 hours. In that time, we got Ale-8-one, crossed into the central time zone, drove over the Mississippi, and finally crossed just inside of Texas. We had planned to camp at Clear Springs Lake State Park. We tried to call and make a reservation, but no one answered. When we got there, the entire park was closed due to high water. It hadn’t been posted anywhere. We just waltzed in and got scolded by the campground host. They told us about another campsite nearby, which turned out to be only for RVs. To make a long story a little shorter, I’ll just say we ended up at the KOA in Texarkana. It was literally right off the interstate which made it the noisiest campground ever. Bright spot? Rory is a fantastic camper! And Cory and I spent the first night in his new tent 🙂

Today, we planned a more leisurely pace and stopped several places. There is an absolutely huge Bass Pro shop on a lake just northeast of Dallas. We stopped there for Cory. Then we had lunch at DTS with Cory’s friend, Chris. (Stephanie, if you are reading this, we missed you!) The next stop was Waco and, you guessed it, the Magnolia Silos! Everything in the store is truly beautiful and mirrors what you see in the show to a “T”. Then Rory had some fun at an off-leash dog park where he got very muddy. After a fill-up at Buc-ees, we high tailed it to our current home in San Marcos.

Rory loved his first walk here in Texas. We saw Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Green Tree Frog, a coon, and THE BIGGEST COCKROACHES EVER!!! For those of you wondering, Rory has already run into a metal railing here in San Marcos. He was very distracted by the river and as we were walking, we heard a reverberating “gong” and looked down to see Rory shaking off his confusion after walking into the pole.

Here is a giant collage of the pictures I didn’t post to social media:

That’s it for now,


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