Home is where…

That’s it. I’ve completed my final trip to Texas as a visitor. Next time I step foot in the Lone Star State it will be as a native (for at least 3 years). In some ways, it already feels like home. In some ways, it will never be home.

Texas is beautiful in it’s own way. It has a wonderfully diverse culture. Everyone thinks about the Mexican culture, but there is a huge German and Czech cultural influence in our little section too.  Cory and I have loved exploring the minute part of Texas a weekend trip allows. We’ve been to Enchanted Rock and Pedernales Falls. Our part of Texas doesn’t look like the desert you may picture. It’s green most of the year. It’s mostly flat, though we are right on the edge of hill country. The rivers are clear. I’m talking see 40 feet to the bottom easily clear. They just spring up out of the ground! We are also excited about the diversity of food we will be able to try: one of the only benefits I personally see living so close to a big city. We’ve already tried Mexican (of course), Brazilian, and Thai. Not to mention that Trader Joe’s is within driving distance (yay cookie butter!). The best part about Texas is that I will be close to my husband 🙂

However, my heart already yearns for my mountains and I haven’t even left yet. The peace and majesty of even our relatively small mountains just puts me at awe. I’m going to miss the seasonal changes more than I care to admit. There is something so refreshing about having that change 4 times a year and the same spot looking completely different in each season. The seasons also allow for a myriad of recreation activities: skiing, hiking, biking, white-water rafting, camping. I already miss the solitude you can easily find in West Virginia. With our biggest towns barely scraping 50, 000, it takes no time at all to be “away”. Mostly, I’ll miss my family. My big, crazy family. Currently, I live 30 minutes from my parent’s and that seems so far. 2 of my sisters live with me. My older brother and his wife are 5 blocks away. That is really the culture here. My mom’s aunts and uncles all live within 10 minutes of my grandparents. I believe I will miss that most of all.

From the Virginias…

To Texas…


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