Packing procrastination

Cory has been getting on to me for a while about packing. He keeps wondering why I haven’t gotten more ready to move. I constantly quote 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t have any idea where to start
  2. I have very little motivation

We’re currently trying to remedy both. The motivation problem is really where the procrastination comes in. I know from experience if I don’t start and finish a project in the same period of time, I’ll leave it halfway done. My schedule has been erratic for the past 2 weeks making it difficult to carve out that large of a chunk.

I have done some to prepare though. I purged my closet, book shelves (I have 3 currently), and craft drawer. I’ll probably need to purge my closet again before the definitive move. It’s a lot easier to get rid of things when you dread lugging them 18 hours to Texas! My roommates love the purging because it’s like having a free yard sale in the living room every day. One of them thought she had hit a goldmine with all of the kid’s craft stuff I purged!

The indoor yard sale

The first issue, well that is a little harder to fix. You see, I’ve never really moved. I mean my parent’s moved Chase and I from Virginia to West Virginia, but I was really young and don’t remember it. My other move…well let me tell you that story.

(Note: It may help to picture the wavy screen you see on TV when someone is remembering something)

A long time ago, or only 4 years ago my parent’s bought a house in Huntington so I wouldn’t have to commute as far to school. We closed on the house and I had some friends over to help me pack for the move. The next day, without a single possession of mine being properly packed into any box, my mom wakes me up and we start throwing my things into every vehicle we own for the long 30 minute trek to Huntington from Ona. Seriously. No joke. that is how I moved out of my parent’s house. It took maybe 3 trips in 2 cars.

Ok, you can come back now. That particular move doesn’t really count. Over the next 3 months we continued to move various furniture pieces and knick-knacks from many different people in Cabell county to the Huntington house (which we now call Middle Earth, long story). It didn’t really matter if I didn’t have all my stuff. Home was just 30 minutes away (if you drive slow and there is traffic).

Do you see why I am completely ill prepared for a move 18 hours away? It is for this reason, dear friends, that I implore you for any tips, tricks, things to avoid, advice, etc. on the moving front. Please leave a comment here or on Facebook. Link any articles you find useful, come help me purge more of my possessions. Anything. I’m begging.

To show that I am actually trying, I did pack my very first box today (well, second, but the first has been packed since Christmas since it is my Christmas stuff). Also, it’s more of a suitcase than a box. It contains some of my most prized possessions: my books (and my DVDs that fit on top)

That’s it for now,

Beth Goff

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