Texas Bound!

This last week was Match week. For me, this last Friday was more important than graduation. At this point I have no more tests to pass or assignments to complete before graduation. As long as I show up every day and act professionally I’ll be a Doctor on May 6. Match, however, is huge. It is when you find out where you will be for the next 3-7 years of your life. Needless to say, I was very nervous!

Turns out, God provided (imagine that). Cory and I will both be living in Texas! And in the same house! ๐Ÿ™‚ย Here is the short version of the week’s events:

Monday: I find out I match…somewhere…waiting

Tuesday: waiting

Wednesday: Waiting

Thursday: Waiting…being surprised by Cory walking into my parent’s house

Friday morning: Waiting

You get the point. There was a lot of waiting. I finished a whole TV series, crocheted a blanket, ran over 15 miles, and still worked 8 hrs/day between finding out that I matched and finding out where I matched. It was excruciating.ย I didn’t realize you did all this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t think I was going to skip over the whole “Cory surprising me” thing. Thursday afternoon I got off work in Logan county and headed home. I stopped to workout with my mom on the way. Then she wanted to walk. Then she wanted ice-cream (which is definitely not on my diet, but oh well). Then she wanted to fix me chicken tacos. So it’s 8:30 at night and I had planned to be at my house by 5:30 to finish some last minute chores. We’re at my mom’s house when headlights come up the driveway. My mom starts telling some story about my sister Sarah. Next thing I know, Cory is walking in the front door! It was THE BEST surprise, and exactly what I needed.

My turn! So as most of you know, I have been working on my research in Florida for the past few weeks. Turns out, though Florida received a LOT of rain in December and January, which made the frogs breed early, the lack of rain the last few months mixed with warmer weather made the ponds dry up super early this year, which made my tadpoles metamorph and leave the ponds early as well. All that to say, I had very little luck in the Florida peninsula and I was completely done collecting samples from the area on Wednesday of last week. So, with the encouragement of my collaborator and family, I worked hard on Wednesday to complete all my processing of my samples and early Thursday morning I got up, and drove 13 hours to West Virginia from Gainesville, Florida! It was a LONG day, but well worth it! I had originally thought to take a picture of the “Welcome to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia” sign and send it to Beth, but with the suggestion of her sisters and mom, it was decided to save the surprise till I actually made it to the house. Beth’s mom stalled as best as she could, but by the time I got to the area, Beth was up at their house, so I drove there. When I got to the house, I walked right into a conversation between Beth and her mom, of which Beth turned around and exclaimed “You’re not supposed to be here!!” ๐Ÿ™‚ The whole time I was driving, I was vague, but truthful, in my responses to Beth’s texts. My work days in Florida were spent with little conversation throughout the day and lots of driving in the afternoon and evening. I used that to my advantage when timely answering her texts. It worked perfectly!

The actual Match was Friday at 12:01. That is when we were allowed to open our envelopes. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t open ย it! Then, I got the names mixed up and thought I had matched at Corpus Christi rather than San Antonio. Thankfully, Cory whipped out his phone and set me straight.

So the names of the hospital groups are very similar: Christus Spohn in Corpus Christi and Christus Santa Rosa in San Antonio. Unfortunately, the letter only told her the name of the hospital, not WHERE the hospital was located, so the already anxious moment became even more intense when she wasn’t sure which location it was.

My mom pulls out some gifts she and my dad had gotten for me. It was a cowgirl hat and boots. The first thing I thought was, “If I hadn’t matched in Texas that would’ve been a very bad gift!” But it was much appreciated. I had fun wearing those gifts around the rest of the afternoon. Everyone knew I was going to Texas!ย I was wearing jeans, a collared shirt, a black vest, and a big bronze belt buckle, so I already looked like I was from Texas. ๐Ÿ™‚

We rounded out the weekend by making Easter eggs at the local glass factory. I’d show you a picture of the eggs, but they won’t be ready until next week. SOOOO much fun!

I’m now back down South in Georgia, finishing up my research. Beth, my parents and I spent a few hours looking at homes this past weekend, so as soon as I get back into the area, I will be out inspecting future home options!

Now the fun begins!!

That’s it for now,

Beth and Cory Goff

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