Our first Top TEN

Usually, you would be getting a post from both Cory and I this week. Usually, Cory would pre-view my post and edit it as needed. Usually, we discuss the blog on Saturday or Sunday with the goal of having it live by Monday. None of those things happened this week. You see, Cory is officially starting the field work for his research this week. He has been packing and driving all weekend. I’m going to take this opportunity to share with you all the top ten things about Cory that make me proud/that I love.

Hold on to your hats, folks. This one is going to get super soppy.

10. The way he spikes his hair

Shortly after Cory moved to Texas he got a new haircut that required he spike his hair a bit in the front. I find it funny/adorable that he takes longer than I do to get ready because of this haircut. He is a little OCD, so each hair has to be perfectly in place.

9. How observant he is

A little more than a week ago I sent him a picture of the first gas station visit in our new Subaru. It was mostly just a picture of the car and gas pump. 5 minutes later he tells me exactly which gas station I was at. honestly, it was a little creepy until he explained that he could tell from the background of the picture. Maybe I should try to trick him next time…

8. His hawk obsession

You may not know this about Cory, but he used to be an official counter for hawks flying over the blue ridge mountains. I love this because it gives us something to do on long car rides. We try to see who can spot the most Hawks. Cory always wins despite the fact that he is driving most of the time. It’s probably good for me to lose occasionally.

7. How thorough Cory is

A couple of weeks ago Cory texted me to see if it was ok if he bought a new Brita pitcher. (I’m not controlling, we just consult on expenses that are not in normal spending). He proceeded to spend the next 2 hours reading reviews, checking prices, and looking at alternatives. Seriously! This shows me that when we go to make truly big purchases, Cory will have done his research to find the best option for us.

6. He did our taxes

This may seem like a small thing, but with Cory and I living in different states, me not having any taxable income, and us getting married this year it was confusing, He took care of everything. The only thing I had to do was send him a copy of my 1098-t (which he also very patiently told me exactly how to find)

5. He makes my crazy ideas reality

I want a new table for my living room at which to study? He and his roommate build it the next week. I want to get pre-approved for a mortgage? He does all the leg work. I want to fly to Texas? He finds the cheapest flight and arranges other transportation.

4. He deals with my wacky family

No offense, family, but we are crazy and big and loud. Cory’s family is organized and small and quiet. It’s a lot of change for a person to deal with. He handles it well despite all the teasing, and he cares deeply for each one of you.

3. He dedicates himself to every task 100%

My husband is a PhD student, friend, volunteer at his church, and my comfort. Somehow he manages to do all that despite time and distance. Everything he does is done well. He finishes everything he starts. I couldn’t be more proud of him for all the work he puts in. Just the other day, he was searching for and applying to more grant opportunities at his school.

2. He handles my Med School crazy

Yep, I said “med school crazy.” Cory is not great at not having a plane, but that is exactly what medical school is like. We literally didn’t know until Christmas Eve if I would have to work on Christmas or not. Of the 2 months we have lived together since we got married, one was surgery rotation, and the other was my required ICU. In both he had to wake up way earlier than he normally would. I would get home late. He had the house straight and dinner made most nights. Then he would sit on the couch with me while I studied. I don’t think I could’ve handled life without him there.

1. He points me, unwaveringly, to Christ

Whether it is in one of the ways listed above, or a thousand other examples. He guides me with servant-leadership to grow closer to Jesus. He sets an example for me of true Godliness. My very favorite times are when I can watch Cory studying the Word. He puts Jesus before me, and I’m ok with that.

I am so truly blessed to be able to call Cory Goff my husband. (I love you, Cory!)

That’s all for now,

Beth Goff

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